Our Family Serving Your Family

Independently owned and operated by three generations, Unlimited RV takes pride in being a family owned company serving other families, making their adventures a reality whenever possible. Our reputation is built one family at a time, caring for them, being honorable in everything we do, and providing quality service throughout each family adventure, form start to epic finish.

  • 150 Miles/Day

    You get 150 miles per day. That is 50% more than our competition!

  • P&O Included

    Get free prep and orientation with all of our rentals. We won't nickel and dime our clients.

  • Amenities Included

    Get free kitchen amenities with your rental. We keep our RV's nicely outfitted to minimize your packing.

  • Insurance Included

    Get free commercial insurance with your purchase. Because we know people don't like hidden fees.

  • Roadside Assistance

    Set out confidently, knowing that you will have free roadside assistance on your next big adventure.

I Hear A Lot About RV Sharing Services and Their Ads Are Everywhere.

Can I Save Money on This? Well, Maybe…..

Every week we receive disheartening phone calls from families that went to pick up the RV that they had rented through a sharing service, and it either wasn’t what they expected, their trip was simply cancelled with no notice, the unit was wrecked, or was simply unsafe to drive or tow.

Questions to ask (based off of what we hear last minute):

  • What happens if the customer before you wrecks or damages the RV? Can that owner replace it or fix it overnight to like new? Likely not…
  • What happens if the owner suddenly decides that they no longer want to rent it out and just cancels your reservation?
  • Most states require that anyone renting a vehicle out have a business license and proper (not sharing service provided) commercial insurance. Better verify, as most do not and get shut down. Yea, we see it all….
  • When was the last time a certified RV professional inspected the unit? Make sure to get paperwork verification.
  • Do you have an emergency phone number and trustworthy source in case of a problem?
  • What is the tire age? You know those did some sitting and blowouts on travel trailers or motorhomes are dangerous.
  • Do you have to do a lot of messaging and never really talk to anyone?
  • Finally, is the unit financed through a regular bank? If so, it is not allowed to be used for commercial purposes (revenue) and is another red flag.

At the end of the day, the initial price may look low, but you will add on insurance, roadside, etc. Things already included in our pricing.

What About Big Box Rental Stores?

These are fine, and at times can save money if you do not need 5 star service or all the bells and whistles our units offer. See our FAQ for what is included in pricing. Each year our vehicles are new, will come stocked to you, and have slideouts, TVs, upgraded AC etc, all options available from the factory.

Unlimited RV has multiple locations, employs full time staff, has real reviews and locations, and a massive fleet of new units loaded with all options which are professionally serviced and inspected. Call our office today at 865-262-2229 with any questions!

Even More Reasons To Choose Unlimited RV

It is obvious Unlimited RV has the best prices while offering above and beyond what the competition does.


  • Fleet professionally maintained and serviced per manufacturer specs. Every unit is inspected pre/post rental.
  • SAFE

  • Our RV’s are equipped with the items needed to help ensure a safe trip; seat belts throughout, back up camera and fire extinguisher.

  • All of our rigs are cleaned, prepped and ready to go. They are also smoke free so you can focus on the fresh smell of the open road.

  • With our fleet you get the most for your adventure investment; well equipped, new, low mileage rigs at very competitive and all inclusive pricing.